September 12, 2023, PTO Committee Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Kim Jenkins, Tyler Newell, Christina Crawford, Tara Stahlback, Wendy Moyer, Sam Evans, Jenny Steffie, Lilian Graham, Christine Lewis, Chip, Gwen Pacan, Kristie Ramos, Rachael Fisher, Barbara Rogue, Meagan Nice, Ryan Nice, Melody Hartman, Faye Sauerbreg, John Mark Niehls

Note: Secretaries are to record minutes and action items. Each will take one or the other. Whoever takes the action items will email everyone immediately after the meeting.

Review of Approved Budget and Outstanding Items

We discussed the items that we decided not to fund due to budget constraints. We did put in $1k towards a new Gaga pit, but the school said they will fund it as they want the $3k pit as it is much better quality and durable. We have put the $1k back into our funds.

The school funded the upgrade for Lewis House. The feeling from the school is that it’s OK if we fund one house and not another if they ask for it, and we should not go down the route of setting an amount aside for each. The feeling is that each house may have different needs each year, and they will ask us for funding as and when they feel they need additional help from PTO.

The school is going to fund the microscopes. The thought is that it would be good to have microscopes in two locations.

The Yearbook seemed happy with the budget amount we set aside for them.

The booster sections still require voting.

Action item: The Chair, Co-Chair, and Booster Chairs will meet to vote on the booster sections.

Follow up on BTS night

The event went well, but going forward, we should set up the stands earlier to account for staff and their families who are at the school earlier.

Spirit wear sold well, about 75% of the inventory. The positioning was good for the high school students, though we could always use more space to display items. There was more demand for the younger kids than anticipated, so going forward, we should have two tables with more items geared toward the elementary students.

Teacher Stipends and Check order

John Mark Niehls would like to double-check the list before the checks are written and sent out. Rather than the nurse receiving the teacher stipend, she can request the items she needs to come out of the main budget.

There was discussion over how to give the teachers their stipend. We decided that checks are better in terms of PR.

Action Item: List to John Mark for approving.

Action item: Checks to be written and sent, along with a cover letter.

Fall Fest

The event starts at 7pm but we must be ready by 6pm.

Barbara has already connected with John Mark, and she has a list of volunteers. There will be food trucks, inflatables, a climbing wall, etc. Another meeting is scheduled for next week.

Tara will help Barbara put together the Sign-Up Genius. The Sports Sign-Up Genius will stay separate. The sports boosters are mainly set up by students. The help needed from additional volunteers will mainly be for the clean up part.

Action item: Tara and Barbara to set up the Sign-Up Genius.

Fall flower sale update

The site is up and running, and orders are coming in. A flyer has gone home with the youngest child in each family and is also being advertised in the Eagle Express. It has also been posted in the Facebook CCS Families group.

Melody needs someone to help the night of the Fall Fest with getting orders together. It would be useful to have a couple of students as runners for a couple of hours. Maybe it can count towards service hours.

Action item: Tara to add to Sign-Up Genius.

Debit card purchases

The question was raised whether the treasurers can have a debit card. We had a question about the risks of hacking, a digital card, and creating a sub-account. We agreed that a credit card would be more secure and should be followed up.

Action item: more investigation into getting a credit card.

Sports boosters Update

As mentioned, the inventory sold well on the BTS night. More stock has been ordered. John Mark suggested we set up a table at homecoming and the Fall Fest, and we also discussed that we could sell spirit wear at Grandparents Day. They could always do with more volunteers.

Square reader

The square reader is missing; it may be in the spirit wear box from BTS night. We discussed charging a $10 minimum fee.

Action item: Chip to look for the square reader.

Performing Arts update

The budget has been sent and is awaiting approval. Beauty and the Beast is 10th to 12th and is being headed up by Stacey, Sean, and Mrs. Carter

Santa Breakfast

Already had a meeting, and planning is underway. We do need to find a Santa.


Lillian has historical receipts that John Mark said she could discard.

The auction committee always needs people.

Sports boosters could do with another person.

We discussed house shirts, and it was decided that they should be kept as a separate line item.

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